Texas Rebel Radio

About Us

Hill Country Broadcasting

This small family owned broadcast company owns the first radio station to broadcast in the Texas Hill Country. We are also the only radio station in Texas to fight the Federal Communications Commission to the steps of the Supreme Court for the right to become a 1000 watt AM station and serve all the little towns of Central Texas.    


Our studios are located in Fredericksburg but all our stations are for the people located in the Texas Hill Country area and listened to everywhere with our internet broadcasting. Texas Rebel Radio is a non-genre specific fiercely independent station that plays signed and unsigned Texas artists. We haven’t stopped fighting to bring our listeners the best.

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We defy the rules of Radio and keep you listening to the real deal rebel artists that range from; Willie Nelson to Marcia Ball, and keeping it fresh with new Texas artists every week.

ork for you.


  1. I listen almost daily as I do a lot of solitary work projects in my garage. Couldn’t get by without the Fan and VelAnne! She is my radio wave buddy that keeps me going. Best DJ ever. Feel like she is just hangin’ out with me and playin’ the good stuff I want to hear and telling me interesting tidbits about it along the way. Keep in cool at The Fan!!

  2. Still love the diversity you guys put on; I do love both George Jones and Steppenwolf & have heard them consecutively nowhere else but Da Fan. OK, I may be a distant relative, but still love you guys! Keep truckin!

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  5. Heard all across Texas and now Basildon in Essex county United Kingdom.Saw your t shirt on Harry Conick Jr in the movie Hope floats and I thought is that just a movie prop ?

  6. Any plans to up the power? I live in Boerne, even though I put my FM antenna about 30 ft high I have trouble recieving.

  7. I was so sad when I could no longer get the signal for your station (about 5 years ago or so). Then today, I saw one of my “friends” had “liked” you and I was excited. But disappointment came quickly after listening to your new venue. Ya’ll are no longer Rebel Radio in my book, you’re Just Another Country Radio to me. I miss Robert Earl Keen, Slaid Cleaves, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, and the rest. Thumbs down, guys.

  8. Where can I purchase a couple t-shirts for Christmas gifts. Man, I LOVE this station!!

  9. Please tell me where I can find a copy of Wilk Wilkerson “adios amigos” aka “adios my friend”

  10. I was introduced to Texas Rebel Radio by a friend in Houston about 20 years ago, managed to listen while I was living in England, and still listen now I’m living in the USA. Thanks for everything!

  11. Been gone from Texas for a good part of my life but spent summers in Stephenville with cousins and aunts. I am 60 years old and doubt now I will see my Texas again. I did grow up in Texas until I was 10.

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