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KNAF was the first radio station to broadcast in the Texas Hill Country. KNAF is also the only radio station in the Hill Country (and possible anywhere) that fought the Federal Communications Commission to the steps of the Supreme Court to become a 1000 watt AM station. It is no accident we are listened to from New Braunfels to Llano, Mason to Boerne, Comfort, Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Johnson City and all points in between. It is no accident that we are a regional station dedicated to serving the entire Hill Country. Our studios are located in Fredericksburg but our audience and customers confirm that we are more than “the Fredericksburg radio station”.

We went on the air in 1947 and unlike most radio stations, our family has been the owners and operators from almost the very beginning. That kind of consistency and the knowledge it brings of the market has proved to be invaluable, both for us and our customers. Some of our customers have been with us from 1947 straight through today. Results are why.

We deliver results because we have consistently delivered what our audience wants to hear… local and area news , service programming, sports, entertainment and country music. KNAF has always been an integral part of the community. Our direct involvement in the Hill Country activities includes annual remote broadcasts from four different county fairs and 4-H & FFA livestock shows plus over 20 annual festivals and events in at least 8 communities. It is that kind of intense involvement that has kept us aware of just what our audience does want to hear.

Our history doesn’t mean we are stuck in the past however. Always conscious of the future, we strive to have the latest technology for serving listeners and advertisers alike. We choose to live and do business in small communities because we prefer it but we also choose to be as competent and professional as any broadcaster anywhere, being one of the first in the nation trying new ideas, new concepts and new equipment.ovation does not translate into big cite process. KNAF and our sister station KFAN, have striven to keep our prices competitive with any media available in the Hill Country, especially when your consider frequency, reach and results. It doesn’t matter what you spend on advertising if it doesn’t work! We have proven that time after time, year after year, that advertising on KNAF WORKS. Let us work for you.

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2 thoughts on “About Us

  • Bluegrass Dave

    Your station, in the past 20 years, has intermittent bursts of awesomeness. That is, you’re super when I can receive you. In days past, I could hear you driving all the way from Austin to Boerne down 290 to 281 to 46. Somewhere between Johnson City and Fredericksburg on a cold December night, I first heard Robert Earl’s Merry Christmas from the Family. It blew me away, as John Andrew Parks’ Planet Texas still does. And so many other songs not heard anywhere else.

    At some point, a top-10 CW station out of Victoria staring coming in over the top of you on 107.9. Then it seemed like you disappeared altogether. Now all I hear is some Spanish station on my hilltop in outside of Boerne. I don’t know where you’re signal is landing but it must be a very small footprint. KFAN has been mush for a long time here in Kendall County.

    So where did your signal go? Tower fall down? Birds build a nest in the transmitter? What will it take to restore your former glory? Have you got a “Save the Tower” fund? I’ll gladly chip in some $$ for transmitter improvements! Please come back!