Texas Rebel Radio

Songwriters Across Texas

Featured: Libby Koch, The Rusty Wranglers, David Touchton, Devin Jake, Jennifer Lindsey, Tres Womack, American Gypsy Band, Andrea Marie, Dickie Lee Erwin Steve Griggs, The Texas KGB and Bear Creek WILDERNESS

Featuring Shelley King, Brian Boyd, Jason Justice, Jeff Hopson, Jill Kinsey, Kim Carson, Kyle Wilson, Matt Woods, Penny Jo Pullus, Ray Scott, Robert Cline Jr. and Shannon Lawson. We also have a Speciall Mother’s Day Song by Bill Sibley.

Featuring April Moyer Hall, BigJohn Mills, Billy Dee, Brigitte London, Corey Shetler, David Patrick Dunn, Emily Herring, Jay Parr, Jesse Stratton and Rich Cross.

Featuring Anita Brown, Mike Mathis Sr., B Sterling Archer, Bob Birkeneder, Steve Griggs, Dino Panichi, Tom Cottar, John Arthur Martinez, Ramey Tony, Andrew Howard, The Original Bells of Joy, and Kelly Green

Featuring Drew Moreland, Pissant Farmers, Nate Grant, Jimbro Lutz, Caitlyn Brette, Palomino Shakedown, Elsa Cross, Ashley Monical, Brian Pounds, Rick Bussey,and Carl Hutchens.

Featuring Chris Berardo, Chris Smothers, Janelle Shetters, Marshall Williams, Lucas Sousa, Scooter Pearce, Smythe and Taylor, Mark Viator and Susan Maxey, York & Hawthorne, Rebecca Loebe and Jerialice Arsenault.

Features: Armadillo Road, Drew Womack, Larry Dry, The South Austin Moonlighters, Alan ‘Bones’ Davis, Michael Pellecchia, Dead Random, Mandy Rowden, Sheila Douthit, Emily Cole and Jason Netardus

Featuring Alan ‘Bones’ Davis, Tasmin McCoy, David Waddell, Wake Eastman, Jim Chesnut, The Kaye Pasa Trio, Camille Sanders Jefcoat, Havilah Rand, Jack Pledge, Sheri Frushay, and 4 Proches.

Features songs by Freddy Powers performed by Redd Volkaert and Andrea Marie, George Ensle, Julia Cruz Magness, Zak Perry, Aaron McDonnell, Erik Hanchey American Gypsy Band, Audrey Malone, Andy Corwin and The Limeliters, and Clyde.

Featuring Waterloo Revival, Trees Marie, Taylor Tompkins, Rose Gabriel, David Touchton, Cseven Windham, Brian Lee Robinson, AmyQ Band, Liz Robledo Howard & Skye, and Bear Creek WILDERNESS.

Featuring Brooke Graham, Mark McKinney, Steve Griggs,Tasmin McCoy, Fingerpistol, Mark Jungers, Roy heinrich, Mark Denny Preston,Big John Mills, and Katya Lalli-Butera.

Featuring: Andrea Marie, Eric Bettencourt, Kate Elizabeth, Carl Hutchens, Bill Lewis, Slim Bawb Pearce, Jim Stringer, Tessy Lou Williams, Jay Parr and Dale Watson.

Features Chip Sneed, Ella Reid, Jade & Bryan, Jennifer Lindsey, Robert Cline, Jr., Two Tons of Steel, Bear Creek WILDERNESS, David D. Stewart, Pitt Garrett, Paul Nipper, and Brian Pounds

Featuring Jack Pledge, Bianca De Leon, Erik Hisaw, George Ensle, JT Coldfire, Kathy Murray, Sheri Frushay, Jack Pledge, JT Coldfire, Nick and Paige, Dick LeMaster, April Hall, and James Hand

Features Alphabetically: April Moyer Halll, Bianca de leon, Dick LeMasters, Eric Hisaw, George Ensle, Jack Pledge, James Hand, JT Coldfire, Kathy Murray, Nick & Paige, and Sheri Frushay.

Featuring: Aaron McDonnell, Art and Lisa Crawford, Ashley Monical, The Original Bells of Joy, Clay Harrell, Douglas Clyde Martin, Emily Herring, Gary Devlin, Missoula Slim, The Derailers and Travis Green.

Featuring Bill Sibley, Billy Dee, Brian Pounds, Kathryn Legendre, Leeann Atherton, Rusty Nelson, Taylor Gayle, TEXAS Original Southern Music and Turner Lee.

Featuring Carter Hilltop Band, David Lee, Folk Uke, Gary Wayne Waller, Joe Savage, Jonathan Terrell, shotgun/josephine, Steve Griggs, and Zak Perry.

Featuring American Gypsy, Brooke Graham, Dallas Moore, Fingerpistol, Roy Heinrich, Sarah Pierce, Texas KGB, The Merles, Bear Creek Wilderness, Them Duqaines, and James Hand

Featuring Shad Blair, Weldon henson, Niel Nassat, Pauline Reese, Amanda Pearcy, Frank Cavitt, Steve Griggs, Dead Man’s Ransom, Lori Lynne, Powell Brothers, Bill Averbach, and Big John Mills.

Featuring Al Dressen, Trey Stapleton, Enim Navarro, Dickie Lee Erwin, Anita Brown, Trey Stapleton, Cheryl Murdoch, Ronnie Caywood, Billy Dee, David Patrick Dunn, and Cornell Hurd.

Featuring Armadillo road, Barry Moffit, Bear Creek Wilderness, David Touchton, Doc Mason, Jennifer Lindsey, Joe Manuel, Mike and the Moonpies, Teddy Long, and Terri Hendrix.

Featuring Brigitte London, Camille Sanders, Carl Hutchens, Deann Rene, Kevin Ahart, Andrea Marie, Chris Beall, Carl Hutchens, Tom Cottar, Hallelujah Chorus, and Tom Cottar.

Featuring Barbara Nesbitt, Bo Porter, Craig Carter, Dirty Pesos, EmJae ross, Frank Martin Gilligan, Moses Rangel/Cass Hunter, Sandra Nicholson, Sean Makra, Deann Rene’, and Bob Livingston.

Featuring Glen Collins, Jaredd Reed, Skye Downing, Chris Smothers, Tom Cottar, Electric Cowboys, Heather Victorino, Kaye Reznik, Texas Crossing,and Tom Cottar

Featuring York and Hawthorne, Sheri Frushay, Paige and Ahnna, John Jacobson, Smythe and Taylor, Break, Hank Roesing, Shawn Howard, Rebecca Loebe, Mark McKinney, Niel Nasset, and Jack Pledge.

Featuring Tom Ben Lindley, Josh Field, Cody Sparks, Charlie Pierce, Jordan Cody, Justif, Blane Cox, Mayeux and Broussard, Marghi Allen, Boomer Castleman, and Billy Dee.

Featuring Laura Marie, Stuart Michael Burton, Devin Leigh, Lynette and Lefty, Sharon Scott, David Stewart, Kevin Ahart, Rich Cross, Josh Grinder, and Dickie Lee Erwin

Featuring Boomer Castleman, Katie Gosnell, Stone and Crow,Nick Brumley, Henry Coke, James Hand Clay Harrell, Ashley Monical, Rick Bussey, and Cornell Hurd.

Featuring Frank Larossi, Larry Dry, Joel Hofmann, Silo Road, Jay Parr, Peggy Wright, Jimmy Rogiere, Andrea Marie, Drew Womack, and Jack Pledge

Featuring Steve Collins, Sheri Frushay, Cindi Samford, Leeann Atherton, Alvin Crow, Brigitte London, Darrell Goldman, Anita Brown, Bill Lloyd, and Hank Erwin.

Featuring B. Sterling, Craig Marshall, Byrd & Street, Libby Koch, The Limeliters, Sweet Alibi, Big John Mills, Rick Trevino, Pete Minda, Lynn Langham, Jed Crisp, and Dickie Lee Erwin

Featuring: Brian Pounds, Jennifer Lindsey, Chubby Knuckle Choir, Glen Collins, Mike and the Moonpies, Stefanie Fix, The Detentions, Dickie Lee Irwin, Sam Bentley Band, Trees Marie, Jack Pledge, Jay Parr, and Bells of Joy

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