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Texas Facts and Trivia

1) Texas is famously nicknamed as the Lone Star State.
2) The Alamo is situated in San Antonio, Texas. It is regarded as the birthplace of the freedom of Texas and it is also the most famous historical place in the state. This is the place where Texas supporters were defeated by Santa Anna, the Mexican Army Chief and the slogan “Remember the Alamo” initiated.
3) The official state shell of Texas is the lightning whelk.
4) Texas is the sole state to have the banners of 6 separate countries soar over it and these countries are: France, Spain, Republic of Texas, Mexico, the United States, and Confederate States.
5) In spite of the fact that six banners have been hoisted in the state, the government has been shifted eight times: Spain (from 1519 to1685), France (from 1685 to 1690), Spain (from 1690 to 1821), Mexico (from 1821 to 1836), Republic of Texas (from 1836 to 1845), United States (from 1845 to 1861), Confederate States (from 1861 to 1865), and United States from 1865 to the current period.
6) The King Ranch in the state is larger than the Rhode Island state.
7) Throughout the phase of July 24 to 26, 1979, the Cyclone Claudette carried 45 inches of rainfall to a place close to Alvin, TX, which resulted in over $600 million of losses. This volume of 43 inches is a record in the country in terms of precipitation spanning 24 hours.
8) Texas produces more wool than any other U.S. states.
9) Edwards Terrain in the western part of the state is the main sheep breeding zone in the U.S.
10) Texas is the sole state to be admitted into the union through pact rather than territorial appropriation.
11) From 1836 to 1845, Texas was an autonomous state.
12) The state features the biggest flock of whitetail deer in the country.
13) The oldest tree in Texas is a seaward evergreen oak tree situated close to Fulton. It is assumed that the age of the tree is above 1,500 years.
14) Sam Houston, debatably the most eminent citizen of Texas, was in fact born in the state of Virginia. He acted as the Governor of Tennessee prior to arriving to Texas.
15) The lone natural lake in Texas is the Caddo Lake.
16) On October 9, 1835, the initial violative deed of the Texas Rebellion took place in Goliad. At this time, the regional settlers gained control over the citadel and city.
17) The first Proclamation of Texas Independence was ratified on December 20, 1835 in Goliad. On this occasion, the first flag of freedom was also flown.
18) San Antonio, Texas houses the Hertzberg Circus Museum, which displays one of the biggest varieties of circusana in the world.
19) Austin is the capital city of Texas. It is situated on the banks of Colorado River in the south-central part of the state. The Government Building was constructed with Texas pink sandstone. The Republic of Texas chose Austin as the capital from 1840 to 1842.
20) Austin is known as the live music capital of the world.
21) Compaq and Dell Computers have their offices in the state and central Texas is frequently mentioned as the Silicon Valley of the Southern United States.
22) Famous sports teams of Texas include the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Astros, Dallas Stars, Houston Rockets, Houston Comets, Texas Rangers and San Antonio Spurs.
23) In 1885, Dr Pepper was manufactured in Waco. The Dublin Dr Pepper still applies unadulterated imperial cane sugar in its food items. It is located 85 miles west to Waco. No period is put following the Dr in Dr Pepper.
24) The Waco Bridge is the oldest viaduct in the U.S. It was constructed in 1870 and still operational at the present time in the form of a street crossing over the Brazos River.
25) In 1836, five places acted as provisional capitals of TX: Harrisburg, Washington-on-the-Brazos, Velasco, Galveston, and Columbia. In 1837, the capital was shifted to Houston by Sam Houston. The capital was shifted in 1839 to the new settlement of Austin.
26) On May 16, 1888, the capitol building in the state capital was inaugurated. The attic of the structure is seven feet taller than that of the country’s Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.
27) The word Texas originates from tejas, the Hasinai Indian expression, which stands for allies or friends.
28) The official state mammal of Texas is the armadillo.
29) The state houses the oldest vaulted sports ground in the nation. The arena was constructed in Houston and inaugurated in April 1965.
30) From 1997 to 2000, Cynthia Cooper was the sole participant to come first in the WNBA Championship MVP. The Houston Comets are the sole team in the U.S. to emerge victorious in four consecutive WNBA titles.
31) In 1900, the most horrible natural calamity in the chronicles of the U.S. was created by a cyclone, which struck Galveston. More than 8,000 casualties were reported.
32) On July 20, 1969, the first word to be uttered from the moon was Houston.
33) The biggest county in TX is the Brewster County, which covers an area of 6,208 sq miles.
34) Texas is home to three of the most populated cities in the country and they are Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.
35) El Paso, TX is nearer to Needles, CA as compared to Dallas.
36) Texas covers 267,339 sq miles, which is 7.4% of the overall area of the U.S.
37) The livestock count of the state is projected to be close to 16 million.
38) More land is cultivated in the state than any other U.S. state.
39) More varieties of bats inhabit Texas as compared to other areas in the U.S.
40) The biggest landlocked harbor of the world is Laredo.
41) The Lavaca Marina is home to the most extensive fishing wharf in the world. It was initially a division of the land bridge joining the two parts of Lavaca Bay, the middle portion of which was ruined in 1961 by Hurricane Carla.
42) The biggest rose garden in the world is the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden. The garden houses 38,000 rose shrubs, showcasing 500 ranges of roses placed in a backyard sprawling 22 acres.
43) Amarillo houses the biggest helium well in the world.
44) On July 4, 1883, the oldest cowboy skills show in the world was organized in Pecos.
45) The Flagship Hotel in Galveston is the sole hotel in Northern United States, which is constructed wholly on the water. It is situated on Seawall Boulevard.
46) The Heisman Cup is named after John William Heisman, who was the first permanent trainer and sports director at Rice University, Houston.
47) Brazoria County is home to more varieties of birds than any other similar place in Northern U.S.
48) In winter, the Aransas Wildlife Refuge houses the sole surviving group of whooping cranes in Northern United States.
49) Jalapeno pepper jelly was first invented in Lake Jackson and sold in 1978.
50) The official flower of Texas is the Bluebonnet.


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