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What is Texas Music?

It’s not a question with an easy answer…  

The Texas music scene is not a new place. You can find recorded roots of Texas music as far back as Scott Joplin and Ragtime. 

This young composer from Texarkana created the classical style with a Texas twist known as Ragtime and recorded three of his tunes on piano roll. Of course, the roots of Texas music go further than the advent of recorded music. The influence of cowboys, ranch hands and rounders gathered around campfires telling their tales and singing their songs can still be strongly felt in the singer/songwriters of todays’ Texas music scene. 

Texas music history is rich with legends like Tex Ritter, one of the first singing cowboys and Jimmie Rodgers, the “Father of Country Music”. Add the likes of Bob Wills, Buddy Holly and Freddy King , James Clay and Stevie Ray Vaughan and you can begin to see why Texas music has long attracted world wide attention.

Texas music includes rhythm and blues, rock, country, folk, jazz, western swing, honky tonk, Tejano and bluegrass all wrapped up with spiritual and cajun influences. Texas music is all these things and more. From A to Z it’s as varied as Asleep at the Wheel and ZZ Top.

It’s Roy Orbison and the Texas Tornados, Lyle Lovett and T-Bone Walker, George Strait, Robert Earl Keen Jr., Willie Nelson, Nancy Griffith, Delbert Mc Clinton, Bonnie Raitt, Marcia Ball, Michael Martin Murphy and hundreds of others.

The sounds of Texas music can be heard not only all over Texas but all over the United States, Europe and Japan. In fact, many Texas musicians enjoy a larger notoriety abroad than in the States.

The lure and appeal of Texas music continues to spread it’s sound into the mainstream as more and more discover this Texas treasure. Texas in the know are proud to share this state treasure with the rest of the world too because, as with many things of real value, sharing this musical wealth only enhances its’ value. If you’re still not quite sure just what Texas music is try tuning in to “Texas Rebel Radio” FM 107.9 because one listen is worth a thousand words.


What is Texas Music…
Texas music…you can hear it…
and the sounds are as varied as the colors of the Texas wildflowers.Texas music…you can see it…
and the sights are as panoramic as the Texas landscape itself.   Texas music…you can feel it…
and the feelings are as strong and deep as the currents of the Guadalupe River.

Texas music…you can taste it…
and all the spice and flavor of a Texas barbecue can’t compare.

Texas music…you can even smell it…
in the little honky tonks, dance halls
and back room recording studios scattered across the state.   

Texas music has a life of its’ own that encompasses such a multitude
and diversity of people and talent that it is beyond mere labels. 
That is Texas Music…


THAT is Texas Rebel Radio…


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  5. Hey Thomas, Thank you for playing “Redwing” for me Saturday morning. It had been over 50 years since I had heard an instrumental version. That is one of our “Family Songs” which we hear sung at Henderson Reunions. Two others are “Mustang Gray” and “Fallen Leaf.”
    Unfortunately, in the song following Redwing, the sound on your program disappeared, and I couldn’t get it back. If you spoke with my daughter Hope, I missed it all. But glad to know you are keeping local Texas song and lore alive.
    I have a few old records (78s) which my mother collected. Could you perhaps use them? Or would you like to just take a look at them?
    Sincerely, LIZ Tackaberry

  6. Does your programming include any Octoberfest (Ethnic German Folk Music) content?

    Thanks, Tuba Ed

  7. I wish y’all had more wattage on 107.9 to get to san antonio. I know it’s a FCC thing. Your on the dial in my van when i’m working up in those parts. Keep it up!

  8. Hey,

    Don’t you sell hats and t shirts anymore? I had to leave the Austin/central Texas area several years ago for business reasons but I have proudly worn my KFAN gear here in south Florida. It’s getting pretty worn and I wound like to replace it but can’t find a merchandise page on the web site. Any help here?

    Steve Hatch
    Delray Beach, FL

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